Air quality meter with PM sensor and CO₂ traffic light AIR2COLOR PRO

STAY HEALTHY, SAFE AND EFFICIENT THANKS TO OPTIMAL AIR QUALITY Fascinating design combined with high-quality measurement technology

The AIR2COLOR PRO evaluates the four most important indicators of air quality for your health; CO₂ and PM (particulate matter) content, humidity and temperature. The device measures all values precisely and continuously with three highly sensitive, accurate sensors and shows them clearly on the touch display. The CO₂ content is also indicated by a light bar which is clearly visible from all sides and displayed in the easily understandable traffic light colours of green, yellow and red.

  • suitable for offices, meeting rooms, public facilities and for your home (max. 80 m²)
  • clear CO₂, particulate matter, humidity and temperature display using a color display
  • the easily understandable 360° illuminated traffic light system makes the CO₂ value in the air visible to everyone in the room
  • discreet, acoustic signal with mute function
  • durable, powerful, NDIR CO₂ sensor (0 - 10.000 ppm)
  • precise particulate matter (PM) sensor (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10)
  • temperature and humidity sensor
  • sensors are preset and calibrated
  • power supply via USB-C included
  • power supply unit, USB cable and power bank optionally available
  • mobile use
  • ready for immediate use
  • no Bluetooth or WLAN devices required
  • stable metal housing
  • touch display
  • Made in Germany

CO2-Sensor: NDIR CO₂ (0 - 10.000 ppm /± 30 ppm)

PM-Sensor: 0 -1000 µg/m³

Temperature/Humidity-Sensor: 0 - 50°C / 0 - 95% RH

Contents: AIR2COLOR PRO, Light bar, Power supply, cable 2m/USB-C


The carbon dioxide (CO₂) content of air is an indicator of air quality. The higher the CO₂ content, the lower the quality and Oxygen content which leads to a decrease in concentration and productivity. Higher CO₂ levels mean a higher aerosol concentration, which can increase the risk of virus infection. The AIR2COLOR PRO takes an exact measurement of the CO₂ value. If necessary, it prompts you, using the traffic light function to ventilate the room.

Fresh air in a room increases your ability to concentrate and be productive, strengthens the immune system and makes you feel good

Particulate matter (PM)

The subject of particulate matter and the associated health risks to our everyday lives is still underestimated. The highly sensitive PM sensor measures fine particulate matter from 0.4 - 10 µm, these are assigned to different PM values (1.0, 2.5, 4 and 10). This measuring range covers particle sizes from the smallest, lung-damaging particles to fine house dust.

The AIR2COLOR PRO thus enables a comprehensive assessment of particulate matter pollution in the ambient air. The precise measurement results are shown and evaluated on the color display


Low humidity often causes dry skin and can have a negative effect on your mucous membranes resulting in viruses and bacteria having easier access to the body. The optimum indoor air humidity is 40-60% and, according to experts, increases the tolerance to particulate matter pollution. However, too high a humidity can result in mold growth leading to allergies and asthma for example.

The AIR2COLOR PRO shows current air humidity and thus provides you with assistance to ensure optimal values in your rooms.


Experts recommend a temperature in the workplace of just under 20 degrees and a little warmer in the living area.

You can keep an eye on room temperature at all times using the AIR2COLOR PRO display

Luminous world map - optional available

CO₂ < 1000 ppm

All good !

CO₂ 1000 - 1400 ppm

Ventilation recommended !!

CO₂ >1400 ppm

Ventilation required !!

EAN 4029126597733
Article n° 4798000270
Dimensions de la machine (L x P x H) 100 x 100 x 100 mm (Light bar)
100 x 100 x 140 mm (Luminous world map /optional)
Poids de la machine 0,55 KG
Dimensions de la machine (L x P x H) 105 x 106 x 167 mm
Alimentation électrique 5V, USB C Power supply unit + 2 m cable (included)
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