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Disclaimer (exclusion of liability)

Chr. Renz GmbH, as a content provider under § 5 Para. 1 of the German Interstate Media Services Agreement and § 5 of the German Teleservices Law, is responsible for its own content made available by Chr. Renz GmbH for use in accordance with general law.

A distinction should be made between our own content and links to content offered by other providers. Chr. Renz GmbH is only responsible for such outside content if Chr. Renz GmbH is positively aware of it (i.e. including illegal or punishable content) and it is technically possible and feasible for Chr. Renz GmbH to prevent its use (§5 Para. 2 German Interstate Media Services Agreement).

Links are always dynamic referrals. However, although Chr. Renz GmbH, on initial creation of the link, checks outside content to discover whether it might possibly give rise to liability under civil or criminal law, there is no obligation to check outside content continually for changes that could give rise to liability.

Only if Chr. Renz GmbH determines, or is made aware by third parties, that specific content could be the cause of civil or criminal liability will Chr. Renz GmbH remove the link to this content where this is technically possible and feasible.

Technical possibility and feasibility is not affected by the fact that even after barring of access from the Chr. Renz GmbH homepage, access can be obtained to the illegal or culpable content from other servers. 

Data protection information

This is to inform you what personal data will be requested from you and stored by Chr. Renz GmbH and how we process this data. Please read through the information on data protection regularly as it may be subject to change from time to time. 

Data protection

We make every effort to supply data anonymously to most departments. Personal data will only be used within the bounds of the permission you have granted. You may, at any time, revoke that permission. In all cases, details given to us by you will only be stored in our databases. No user information will be passed on to third parties.

The data requested by us depends on the services you require us to provide. For certain services, for example, registration is essential. You alone of course have the right to decide whether and for what purposes we are permitted to use your data.

By accepting the services offered on our web pages, you automatically declare yourself in agreement with the terms of use and the data protection information referred to herein. 

Warranty Note

This website was compiled with utmost care. Chr. Renz GmbH can nonetheless not vouch for the accuracy of the information provided. Chr. Renz GmbH hereby excludes all liability for damage resulting directly or indirectly from the use of this website.