09. December 2019

Alfabet printing company is ready for expansion….

The Alfabet (B) printing company from Gent/Belgium has expanded its activities in the production of RING WIRE binding.

The demand for production of RING-WIRE-bound products has been growing at Alfabet Drukkerij in Gent for several years. For this reason, Dirk Matthys, Managing Director of Alfabet Drukkerij, needed to automate his production methods.

 Having previously purchased a MOBI 500 (an automatic machine for the binding of brochures and calendars bound with ring wire combs) from Chr. Renz GmbH, Alfabet Drukkerij now needed to take the next step. This was the purchase of a punching machine "AUTOPUNCH 360 DIGITAL" that Mr. Matthys also purchased directly from the manufacturer.

 Dirk Matthys commented: “We started processing ring wire bound documents on smaller RENZ machines, and when the time came for further automation, we got directly in touch with the manufacturer. The advice and support during the purchasing process has been very professional. Besides this, we are also very content with the service from RENZ for their punching and binding machines.”

 “We now have sufficient capacity to process our volumes easily in the shortest possible time. We even have room to punch and bind additional products for colleagues, partners and third parties! Automation allows us to process different formats within minutes and we are able to quickly process and deliver both small and large runs,” says the Managing Director.

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